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Opera releases State of the Mobile Web report

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Opera releases State of the Mobile Web report

Opera releases State of the Mobile Web report Opera Software has recently released the latest “State of the Mobile Web,” based on aggregate and anonymous stats from Opera Mini servers. According to the web browser developer’s stats, six out of the most popular phones models for Web browsing with Opera Mini are from Nokia, two are from Sony Ericsson, one is from Black Berry, and one is from Samsung. In the U.S., however, nine of the top 10 phones for Opera Mini are Black Berries.

Other highlights from the State of the Mobile Web, June 2008 report:

* People using Opera Mini viewed more than 3.2 billion pages in June, up 9.4% over May.
* In June, Opera Mini users generated more than 46.7 million megabytes of data for operators worldwide. Thanks to the Opera Mini’s built-in compression of data, the actual amount of data requested was 311 million MB in June.

Opera’s “State of the Mobile Web” high lights the browsing trends in the ten countries where Opera Mini is most popular — the United States, Russia, China, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, South Africa and Ukraine.

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